Being a member at the PPC is great. Members treat each other like family, leading to a very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Drinks at the PPC are very inexpensive in comparison to public bars in the area. Becoming a member is easy. Come down the club and meet the fellow members. You’ll need two current members to act as your sponsors. Once you have two sponsors, you can fill out a paper application for membership. The fee for new member initiation is $100. The fee for member renewal every year after is $50.

Member Benefits & Ameneties

Members have access to the club areas of the PPC during all club hours. This includes the private member and smoking rooms. Club amenities include a pool table with plenty of cues, a dart board, state-of-the-art jukebox,¬†shuffleboard bowling table, 3 flat-screen TV’s with cable hookup, smoking room, private member room, and access to the club bar.

Club Bar

Club pooll table

Club dart board